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It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. ADARA presents an opportunity for professionals who work with Deaf people to come together and exchange ideas, suggestions and critiques regarding matters of interest to our field. We welcome your visits and your membership to ADARA. Please feel free to participate in discussions and respond to issues of concern in local, statewide national and international arenas. Above all, JOIN and PARTICIPATE.


ADARA 2016 Breakout Conference in Colorado Springs, CO - March 16 to 19, 2016

The purpose of the Breakout conference is to provide professional development and networking opportunities for behavioral health professionals, administrators, and allied professionals serving deaf, deafened, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing persons.  With a specific focus on “well-being”, ADARA Breakout 2016 Colorado will explore the many avenues that behavioral health professionals, administrators, and people in allied and related professions are utilizing to promote well-being in the deaf, deafened, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing communities.

Please join us in Colorado Springs, CO on March 16th through 19th, 2016 to share how your work contributes to personal and community well-being and be inspired by the work of others!


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ADARA 2015 Presentations

Here is the link to access to "the library" of all 2015 workshop presentations in various file formats:

Andy Imparato's closing Plenary Session:  "Leveraging Federal Disability Employment Initiatives for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clients"
Talila Lewis:  "Justice Denied: The Myth of Deaf Access to Justice"

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"ADARA remains an anchor of stability during times of turmoil and chaos."
Barry C., MO
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Harry M. v. DPW Notice of Class Action Settlement – The Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania recent came to a Settlement Agreement in the case of Harry M. v. DPW which should substantially improve communication access for Deaf people in the Consolidated Waiver for people with Intellectual Disabilities. If you are a person or a family member of a person who is Deaf and in Consolidated Waiver, you should know how your rights are affected. Click here to view the full notice and the proposed agreement along with American Sign Language (ASL) video translations of both documents.


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